Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Specialist
This service is important for your wedding!
With 31+ years of Destination Wedding and Honeymoon travel experience, I offer you impeccable relationships with destination hotels, resorts and wedding vendors coupled with in-depth experience in group travel and luxurious focus on creating amazing travel experiences!
A romantic elopement wedding, a cherished intimate gathering of close family and friends or a lavish event for 200, all will benefit from the exceptionally high level of personalized service and attention to details that are Active Travel’s specialty.  Working with the wedding couple, the perfect travel elements are created for each individual wedding experience. You and your guests benefit from the services of Jeannie’s destination wedding Honeymoon travel specialty. Your luxury travel experience, created specifically for you, coordinates perfectly, to enhance your destination wedding memorable moments of a lifetime! Your guests, treated like the VIP’s they are, can budget time and cost that will allow them to attend your very special event!
Special memories of a destination wedding and Honeymoon include spending the time before and after the wedding with family and friends. A magnificent experience will result through specialized destination wedding travel organization. Guest’s arrivals, accommodations and other important details are coordinated with the wedding event. One less element for the couple to think about! Active Travel focuses on the importance of getting your and your guests to your destination while enjoying an amazing travel experience!
It is my pleasure to assist you and to be part of your luxury wedding planning team of specialist!
Please contact us today for a complimentary destination wedding or honeymoon travel services consultation!

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