Compass Travel is not your same old travel agency. We offer a high-tech, customer-friendly booking process, customize trip recommendations uniquely for you, and we don’t charge fees for most of our services.
If we don’t charge fees then how do we get paid? Commissions are paid by the hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, etc. which are already included in the price you pay if you book on your own. Essentially, you’re paying for a travel agent, even if you don’t use their services..
Unlike impersonal travel booking websites, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met and all your questions are answered. That’s personal attention you won’t find anywhere else.
Our office is located in Easton Town Center (in the Columbus, Ohio area) but we work with clients all around the country by phone and email.
Jennifer Kon, Owner and Travel Agent specializing in leisure vacations and honeymoons.
Compass Travel’s owner, Jennifer Kon, was born to travel. She had already taken a transatlantic flight and had her own passport before she was two years old…and she hasn’t stopped traveling since! She’s a Certified Travel Agent and has been in the travel industry for 11 years.




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