With 25 years of experience, DJ Adam and his team specialize in delivering the stress-free wedding you’ve dreamed of. Based in Columbus, Ohio, we are classically trained turntable DJs and MCs who travel worldwide to create unforgettable moments.

Our 4-decade journey through music, from the ’90s to the present, showcases our mastery of DJ mixing and impeccable microphone skills. It’s no wonder we boast perfect reviews on every platform.

What sets us apart is our consistency, personalized service, and dedication to putting your needs first, every single time. From club shows to weddings, we’ve done it all, ensuring packed dance floors and unforgettable experiences.

But we offer more than just amazing DJ services. We provide state-of-the-art sound and an interactive website that empowers you to control your music. From must-plays to do-not-plays, you steer the dance floor’s vibe, with dropdown menus for ideas on those special moments. Our interface also lets you plan ceremony and reception highlights and maintain a timeline, keeping guests informed.

Since 1998, we’ve earned a reputation for reliability, ensuring you can focus on enjoying your day. We’ve also created memorable school events and cherished 50th-anniversary parties by getting to know your family. What makes us unique is our commitment to getting it right from the start, resulting in knee-slaps, toe-taps, and head-bobs on packed dance floors—indicators of unforgettable fun and lasting memories.

When you choose DJ Flair Entertainment, you’re making an excellent choice for your wedding entertainment, guaranteeing a night you’ll remember forever.”

823 Busch Ct
Columbus 43229

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