Jaclyn Willman Photography


Connection, Intimacy, & Intention

I’m Jaclyn, a Columbus, Ohio based photographer. I studied relational communication in college and learned a lot about humans, love, and the psychology of humans in love.

We all crave connection. This is my number 1 goal, not only in my business but in life; building connections and creating memories.

Once we share a connection, you can let your hair down and notice how freeing it is to be yourself. Now we can capture the intimate moments of your story as it unfolds.

I believe in a documentary approach to photography. Every composition and angle is carefully considered to tell your unique story. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about creating a timeless journey through intentional imagery.

I invest in my people. You’re a human with a beautiful story, and now, I’m a little part of making sure your story is told and I can promise you that I don’t take that job lightly.

Your only job is to be yourself!



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