Planning a honeymoon is exciting but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many options and pieces of the puzzle to consider. It’s especially daunting if you haven’t visited a destination before. Pictures and websites only go so far. And that’s where I come in: every trip is a New Experience.
In short, I’ll simplify the planning process for you from start to finish. We’ll have a conversation about what you imagine your honeymoon to be like as well as your budgetary and other constraints, and I’ll do the work to research potential options. You’ll be consulted as much during this process as you like before you select your perfect trip. Your time is precious. I’ll free you up to focus on other priorities in your life.  And my professional services won’t cost you an extra penny.
Beyond the basics of your travel itinerary, I’ll also help with all the details and add suggestions based on my personal experience and professional knowledge. I am here to answer questions and help you enjoy the entire process from the initial dreams through the planning, the preparation, and of course during the trip itself should you need assistance while traveling. Remember, I’m a real person who wants to talk with you, not a chatbot.




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