I have been in the wedding and events industry for over 8 years… and I’ve had a hand in helping almost 300 couples plan and execute their dream weddings. It is in my DNA to anticipate your every need. My desire is to design events that inspire, and leave everyone in awe. It’s not just a passion – it’s a calling. And I can’t wait to take the things that inspire your life and curate a wedding like no other; it’ll be an event that will be talked about for generations to come.
Based on what you envision for your wedding day, I will recommend the very best people who specialize in every detail for your day!! These are passionate and dedicated local wedding professionals who LOVE what they do! Which makes them a joy to work with – for both me and you.

Although there’s a lot of vendors to choose from, I’m helping you selecting the ones that are a best fit for YOU, and your needs. I’m also doing all of the phone calls to see who’s still available for your date… You’ll have the final say once I’ve helped save you time by narrowing it down.

Weddings take a lot of behind-the-scenes work – over 600 hours in all from beginning to end… it includes communicating with about 20 vendors; but with me by your side, you won’t have to manage any of that… Allow me to take on the heavy lifting, while you bask in the experience of your opulent event!!

I’ll help you keep track of their contracts and your payments. I will be your liaison between you and the boutique


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