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Hello all! I’m Taylor a creative artist who loves nature and travel. I also have a passion for documenting true love stories through photos.
When I’m not photographing love or editing photos,
you can find me re-watching Friends for the hundredth time, making new designs, hiking, trying new wineries, trying new recipes and hanging out with my loving husband and my two cats.
I’m here to photograph the real you.
During the photo session we keep things relaxed and fun, I want to see the real you, so that you can fall in love with the end results.
My goal is to capture a beautiful photo for you to fall in love with.
Do you wanna do a pizza and beer photoshoot? A snowy playful shoot? A water shoot? A shoot with your fur babies? or your real babies? I am up for whatever you throw at me. I’m so excited to meet you and capture your love because these memories are so fun and you’ll always want to remember.

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