Stephanie West Photography Authentic + Modern Wedding Photography.
My Philosophy: I believe in ;being there for my couples. Having shot over 85 weddings, I have experience that most couples dont have, as its usually their first wedding. I believe in photographing everything on a wedding day that looks like someone spent time or money on it. Those are the little details the important things that set your wedding apart from everyone elses. I believe in capturing your wedding authentically, moment by moment, not copying another photographers photos from Pinterest. I believe that real moments, real emotion and beautiful light creates the most magical wedding photos and thats what I aim to photograph every time I step into a wedding venue. I shoot every wedding as if it were a multi-million dollar wedding, no matter the budget.

I also believe that your wedding photographer should add to your wedding day experience. We have fun. We laugh, we cry and yeah… we will dance at your reception!

A Little About Me: I’m one of those feely kind of people who loves love (enneagram 2w3 here) , but even more I love capturing relationships. Whether its a couple on their wedding day or a mom and daughter or daddy and son or siblings. I dont care, I just love real life and authentic moments and taking photos of all those things.⁠ When Im not working which I do A LOT (because Im a Capricorn and we tend to be workaholics 🤷), Im with my four kids or reading, journaling, meditating, working on my fitness journey or maybe getting another tattoo. Im a TOTAL space geek, Im an ambivert, a selenophile, I have dog and a cat, a SERIOUS coffee addiction and some intense life goals and dreams that Im working tirelessly on manifesting. I love crystals, candles, Taco Bell and I CANNOT live without music all kinds. Doesnt matter. But I do have a soft spot for driving the almost-two-lane country roads where I live, with the windows down and some Tyler Childers blaring on the radio.⁠ And I want to hang out with you. I want to learn about your love story, what you do together, your favorite places maybe grab some coffee?

3304 Market Street
Rushville 43150

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