Columbus OH & Destination Wedding Photography Coverage

Real life, authentic emotion captured. We believe the lasting memory of your wedding day is withheld in your photographs. When the event is over, you’ll want to rekindle all the feels from this day. That is where Together We Click comes in. In our experience over the last decade, we’ve seen hundreds of couples tie the knot! We’re so fortunate to have witnessed so much love and to be chosen to capture your love story is something we take with the highest regard. We bring expertise and utmost professionalism to the industry. We can blend in and capture a photojournalistic approach, or jump in the action to get a wild crowd. When it comes to portrait time, we can handle the largest group with finesse or the wildest bunch we confidence. Your portraits will tell the way you feel, bring a sense of emotion, and we find we do that best without boxing ourselves into a “modern or traditional” style, but lending our eyes to the surroundings you’ve so chosen. We are lighting experts, and won’t have a bright flash in your face during a reception that is darker and more intimate. We want to showcase each part of your wedding day, in the vision you had for it. It’s our commitment to our couples to be part of their overall vision and storytelling of the day.

We know that selecting a photographer is be high on your priority list. It’s through our eyes that your wedding will be captured. Our images will tell your wedding story year after year and to generations to come. We know this may be the largest decision in your planning adventure and would love to meet in person to see if we ‘click’.

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