White of Dublin was created in 2011, out of a sincere desire to provide the ultimate luxury bridal experience. It is our belief that selecting your wedding gown should be an intimate and memorable event – one that is everything you have dreamed of. We redefine the couture bridal boutique and in 2019, we added a new store to our family! White of Raleigh was opened to share the same experience with a whole new group of brides that deserve nothing but the best! Located in the quaint City Market of Downtown Raleigh, White of Raleigh is able to service the North Carolina bride with the same great designers and relaxing atmosphere that we all know and love.
Our passion is to make the day you choose your wedding gown as memorable as the day that you wear it. With that in mind, our boutique hours are always by appointment, so that we may provide each bride with an intimate, personalized experience in a quaint, yet luxurious, atmosphere. We treat each bride with dignity and respect, regardless of budget. When you purchase your wedding dress with us, you become part of our bridal family. Our goal is to help the bride-to-be and all the important women in her life find the perfect ensembles to complement their unique personal style. We have hand-picked a collection of timeless and elegant gowns from the best couture designers in the industry. At White of Dublin and White of Raleigh, we offer a high-end shopping experience that is comfortable, personal and all about you!

23 N High St
Dublin 43017

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