Hello gorgeous Brides and Grooms! Wright Photography was created out of an amazing love and talent to capture all things beautiful and to create lasting and magical memories for our loved ones. As a Design Graduate from The Ohio State University and former Designer for several major Fashion Companies including Express, Victoria’s Secret/Pink and Lane Bryant, Mary, the Owner, Creative Director and Lead Photographer of Wright Photography shows her passion in how she effortlessly captures true moments of radiant joy! As both a Wedding and Family Portrait company, we consider all our clients as family and strive to curate a perfect, specialized session where you feel joyful, relaxed, happy and financially taken care of. Mary will not only take the most breathtaking photos of you, your family and your special day, but she will also be your cheerleader throughout the day making sure you feel supported and that all your must-haves are perfectly preserved in every shot she takes.




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Dublin 43016

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